Scholarship Grants

18th Annual Marlboro Alliance Scholarship Appeal

Since 2006, the Marlboro Alliance Scholarship Fund has provided over $ 73,000 in aid to Marlboro students. Scholarships are granted to young students attending summer education enrichment activities, as well as students pursuing higher education. We are deeply grateful to our very generous.

May is Marlboro Alliance College and Vocational School Scholarship Month! 

The Marlboro Scholarship committee has restructured and after two decades of stewarding the scholarship fundraising efforts, Michelle Holzapfel is passing the torch to Julianne Mills and Celena Romo. We want to thank Michelle for her energy, time, and enthusiasm for promoting and supporting our young academics futures. Thank you Michelle!

Julianne Mills and Celena Romo will be organizing that Marlboro Alliance College Scholarship program this year. Thank you Julianne and Celena for taking on this important work!

Working with MES, the Marlboro Alliance is also providing support for summer programming. Information and an application form is available in the May 17th addition of MES Friday Note at:

If we missed you in our recent postal mailing, you can still send your tax-deductible contribution to: 

Marlboro Alliance  

Box 165  Marlboro, VT 05344

Please add "Scholarship Fund" on the memo line


donate online and indicate Scholarship fund 

Application Guidelines

Supporting Documents are required - Please have these documents ready before you begin ---

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College Scholarship Application

Summer Programs (See 5/17/24 Friday Note)