Emergency Grants

The Marlboro Alliance Emergency Fund provides grants to individuals and families in the Marlboro community that have loss due to fire, flood, or a financial crisis due to a sudden loss of income. These grants are provided as quickly as possible to help individuals meet their immediate needs to recover from such events.

Our response to the extensive flooding of tropical storm Irene in 2011 was nearly immediate. Many effected families received grant checks with one week of the devastating flooding without ever having "applied" for a grant. The Marlboro Alliance paid out over $15,000 in grants to Marlboro families for that one catastrophic flooding event and we remain committed to helping in any other future events.

In order to speed these funds to effected individuals and families as quickly as possible, there is no application form. Instead recipients are referred to us by a simple conversation and/or email. Then our Emergency Fund committee confidentially takes it from there. If you know of someone in the Marlboro community that has had a loss due to fire, flood, or other devastating event, please contact us at Marlboroalliance @ gmail.com

To contribute to our Emergency Fund or any Alliance Fund, please visit our Donation page.