Fiscal Sponsor

The Marlboro Alliance acts as a “Fiscal Sponsor” for several organizations in Marlboro, Vermont whose work is consistent with the mission of the Marlboro Alliance to support and nurture our small community. As a fiscal sponsor, the Marlboro Alliance extends its charitable 501(c)3 status to these sponsored organizations. In this way the organizations can receive donations covered by the laws that govern all 501(c)3 organizations without having to complete the 501(c)3 filing status themselves.

These sponsored organizations have their own organizing boards and appoint one individual to attend the Marlboro Alliance directors’ meetings as a representative of their activities to the Alliance. In addition, financial information for each organization is collected and included in the yearly tax filings for the Marlboro Alliance.

Sponsored organizations may be groups in Marlboro that are in the initial stages of forming and will eventually become their own non-profit entity separate from the Marlboro Alliance. In some cases, the organization may choose to stay under the umbrella of the Marlboro Alliance’s 501(c)3 status for an indefinite period of time. In either case, the mission of the sponsored organizations must be consistent with the mission of the Marlboro Alliance. Sponsored organizations must directly support the Marlboro, Vermont community in a non-profit mission to the mutual benefit of all our community members.

A general description of Fiscal Sponsorship can be found at: